Click to Enlarge Among their many other extraordinary accomplishments, the ancient Maya invented a calendar of remarkable accuracy and complexity. This calendar did not only tell the days and times of the year, but it predicted the many ages of the Earth and the cosmic meaning of those cycles. According to the ancient Mayan Calendar (and its derivitive, the Aztec Solar Calendar Wheel shown here) the Golden Age is only 7 short years away. December 21, 2012.

Unlike the Roman Calendar that we use, the Mayan Calendar is not just a system to mark the passage of time. For the Mayans, everything that exists is an aspect of consciousness, so their calendar describes the evolution of consciousness through time. The Calendar tells us that we are here for a reason, not just for a time. Time is not equated with achievement or acquisition, but with Spirit. This is a prophetic calendar that invites us to understand the plan for the evolution of the universe. This plan includes the transformation of humans into enlightened beings. According to the Ancient Mayans, what matters for the future is that human beings choose a path towards Enlightenment. Everyone is an aspect of the Divine coming into existence. Time is inspiration.

Urban myths say that The Mayan Calendar foretells the end of the world in 2012, but true scholars know it actually predicts the start of a new era--the golden age of enlightenment.