Click to Enlarge Just looking at him you would not think he was that sexy.
Or even that tricky.

Then you notice....

He's a seed bag.

He plays the Flute.    Seducer. What are those seeds anyway?

He's hunched over in a an odd way.

After he leaves town the crops grow, the women become pregnant. What happened at that dance last night?

He tells stories; he makes stories happen.

Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers

What are those seeds anyway?   Fertility SYMBOL? We wonder how SYMBOLIC he really is?

Ice-breaker. He brings Spring.

What's in that hump? They say babies; they SAY blankets, maybe a pillow; oh, for bedding down....he knows about birthing babies, all right.

He's been around for thousands of years but he never stays in town.
He comes. He goes.
The doorway out, on the threshold, at the crossroads.
Boundary crosser, he is all over the World.

The Ancient Greeks knew him, the Chinese, the Europeans, the Icelanders, the Africans(oh, yes he is Anansi!), the Native Americans. He's been in Brazil, too.
He's even been in New York City.

The Creator. The Destroyer.
He is our greatest teacher, the Trickster.

For he is life itself with its sweet music, its dance, its mischief. The unknown. The unpredictable. Music that wafts off the mountains and settled in your heart. Playful he is.

Sacred amorality.

Invite him in.

Be sure to share some of this chocolate with him. Don't eat it without him! Oh, he won't like that! The Trickster must be fed. He can become your greatest ally.

Sow some seeds yourself, delight in the blissful music of the flute, join the dance.

This is what he came to tell you-- that healer, that magician, medicine man, priest...chocolatier----