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Our Medallions are beautiful, original designs that we have created for those times when folks would like to give a small, individualized gift to a number of people.

We began making them for weddings, Arangetrams, special events and parties and to help yoga centers, ashrams, churches, hospitals, and others raise funds for their organizations. Once they were given as the prizes at the end of a hospital fundraiser that took the form of an Aztec Survivor Game--the Golden Aztec Calendar Wheels were the ultimate prize. We often place them in shimmering organza bags to make them even more special.

Here we show some of the many designs we have made especially for folks--all of them are now available to order. They also serve as examples of the kind of designs we can do for your particular needs. If you have a beautiful image or drawing, we can work with that, or we can make date and individualized designs just for you.

We love doing this kind of design--the Medallions are miniatures, little treasures for whoever receives them.