Click to Enlarge Everyone notices them–almost from the beginning of life. A mother says to her child “Look at all the stars!” and it is the beginning of knowing there is something greater even than own dear Earth out there. We begin to wonder early “what is our place in this vast universe?” What is the meaning of the Earth, our Selves? The two are not far apart. This simple question gives rise to both astronomy and astrology–science and imagination–the mind and spirit. The explanations begin to flow. Whichever path you choose to believe, you cannot help but be on you take your first steps on The Milky Way. Two paths diverge in an infinite darkness, and then come full circle as scientists in their search for knowledge embrace Spirit and the astrologers suddenly need to cope with the discovery of a new planet!

But, one thing is for sure. Stars are with us every day of our entire lives, whether or not we think they play a part in our destiny. We comment on their brilliance, locale, movements, and names. We eat under them we sit under them, make love under them. We invent myths and religions based on them. For some, all life comes from them–the Mayan had their connection to a Galactic Beam, the Christmas Star is Jesus, there is the highly complex Hindu system of astrology and Mohammed concerned himself with their observation.

Catch yourself a star!
Know that you come from the Stars.

Hang them in your kitchen, around your neck
(and those of your friends) or
on your Christmas Tree.
Have a Star Party!
Look up!
Things are looking up!

Or, as Alice Walker puts it in her "The Temple of My Familiar,"

“The religion that one discovered on one’s own was a story of the earth, the cosmos, creation itself and whatever “God” one wanted could be found not down the long road of eternity, but right in one’s home town, one’s home, one’s country. This world. After all, since this world is a planet spinning about in the sky, we are all of us in heaven already! The God discovered on one’s own speaks nothing of turning the other cheek. Of rendering unto Caesar. But only of the beauty and greatness of the earth, the universe, the cosmos. Of creation. Spirit in everything. Of the possibilities for joy!