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The Sun

The Center of Our Universe

This is where it all began--
the belief in a power greater than our own.
When the Sun set or moved toward
the shorter days, no one knew for sure
if it would come back...
            and if it didnít, then what?

Rituals, dances, music, prayers, and ceremonies were all composed as invitations, incantations and salutations to the Sun to return again and again and again.

And when it did--faith was restored.

Belief in the efficacy of prayer gave everyone hope. The sun became so dear it entered our hearts. We could feel it deep inside and it resonated.
We held it in our hands, felt it on our skin.
Gradually we learned the Sun was not the center of the whole universe, but for all that science has taught us, the Sun never left center stage. And to this day, no matter what religion or spiritual practice one has,
all of us still love the Sun.