Tara     It all started nearly ten years ago when Jeanne Fleming and Jessica Bard were asked to make the hors d’oeuvres for an opening at a local art gallery. The show was entitled: Shrines and Altars. So, we decided to make a goddess entirely out of food, wine flowing freely from her breasts, and providing everything from nibbles to dessert. We were inspired by the Tibetan goddess Tara–a Green Tara–the Goddess of Compassion and the Goddess of the "god-less" in that she was a totally accepting goddess who welcomed all into her protection whether they were direct followers of her or not or whether they worshiped any god at all. That was the spirit we wanted for our original creation: a generous, welcoming and warm goddess.

    Our Goddess turned out to be a massive project, taking the skills of a sculptor, who carved her in Styrofoam to our specifications. A trip to the local beer making guys showed us how to make wine mysteriously flow from her breasts. That information and a few hundred dollars worth of fruits, vegetables, and candy later, we began what turned into a week long project for both of us. In the end, we developed a philosophy for our food goddess and a raison d’etre for every piece of food that she offered up to the amazed opening night crowd. No one ever figured out how we made the wine flow on request (into specially made cups!). The children finished off the candy in her beautiful headdress and our local Green Man kept stealing her beautiful, huge, strawberry nipples (we came prepared to replace them, of course!)

    We affectionately call her Tara, but of course, she was our own creation in Tara's spirit. Over the years we have remade Tara many times–in many different media, but the ones that were always the most colorful were the ones made of candy. It was during one of these extravaganzas that we thought to make Chocolate Deities.

    The next step was the Footprint and we were on our way!

    We wanted to make something that would make people happy. We couldn't think of anything more happy-making than chocolate. But we also realized that chocolate is intensely divine and that making chocolate is a form of prayer and eating chocolate is an offering to the body and the spirit. After flowers, chocolate is the offering most pleasing to the gods and goddesses of nearly every culture . What better than an offering, a prayer and dessert all in one–the Chocolate Deities.

    Chocolate Deities are handcrafted of excellent quality Belgian, fair-trade dark, milk and white chocolate by family chocolatiers in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Each one carries with it the story of that particular deity and implicitly a wish. Our designs are unique to our company, accomplished by a design and sculptural team that includes Jeanne Fleming, Jessica Bard, Natasha Brooks-Sperduti and Cristina and Diego Cid of Creators of Legend. We can custom make any deity you may require, given enough lead time. We look forward to working with other designers who have creative ideas for our confections.

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